Carer’s Need Caring for Too!

Carer's Service

The carer’s service is built on the recognition that whilst caring can be very rewarding it can also be very demanding, placing a strain on you physically and emotionally. If you are finding caring for someone increasingly difficult because circumstance have changed around your health or family commitments, or for any other reason that affects your ability to continue caring, you will need to know.

What Help Is Available And How To Access It

  • How do you get a break from caring?
  • How do you get your needs assessed?
  • How do you challenge decisions or complain?

Our Carers Support Coordinator can help you with the above questions whilst you are being support to access a range of services, designed to give you a break from caring or provide you with extra support.


Referrals can be made by any health and social care professional, a family member, friend or by self referral. Support will only be offered following a satisfactory needs and risk assessment. This is to ensure we can manage the risk associated with keeping you safe and that the service we offer can fully meet your support needs.

Carer's Support Group

SACMHA is partnering with SOAR Community as part of the ‘People Keeping Well in their community’ programme to bring together Black carers in North Sheffield for a monthly face to face meet up offering a chance to chat, check in and attend a session with other Black carers in Sheffield.  


This group aims to build connections amongst Black carers and remind them that they are doing a good job.  Regardless of the illness of the person being cared for, all carers from the African Caribbean community are welcome.


There’s also an opportunity to get useful information and join in a range of activities as well as trips and pamper sessions.


Carers Group – Last Tuesday of each month at 11am

Venue SACMHA Campus, 263 Pitsmoor Road, S3 9AQ


The group will be facilitated by Corrine Moss (SACMHA Mental Health Support Worker)

Carer's Support Group Referral Form

Use the form below to refer adults to the Carers Support Group run by SACMHA Health and Social Care.  We aim to provide a friendly and safe space for carers to have a chat, discuss issues and take part in different activities.


The group is open to adults who are currently/previous carers. We plan to do online meetings initially and may be able to support people with access to the technology if needed.

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