Your Health Matters.

Your Health Is Important

At SACMHA we understand that all aspects of your health are important.  We provide a number of services and work with other service providers to help support those within the community.

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Cancer Screening

Did you know that people with mental illness are less likely to attend cancer screening?

Screening is important as it can pick up cancers at an earlier stage.

View resources for those with lived experience of mental health.

Black Donors Needed!

There is an increased demand for some rare subtypes, are this is more common in people of Black heritage.  This means we need more Black people to become blood donors.


Read about Ro and his journey.


For more information and to register for an appointment click below.

The Flu Vaccine

Flu kills over 11,000 people every year on average, and some years it is much more. Each year many people are hospitalised by it.
We think of it as ‘just the flu’, but it is a virus. The flu virus spreads from person to person, even amongst those not showing any symptoms. It can cause severe complications, particularly for high-risk groups.
As Covid-19 is likely to be circulating with flu, it is vitally important to protect those at high risk. They are also the most vulnerable to hospitalisation as a result of Covid-19.
So when it comes to flu, there is no ‘JUST’ about it. If you are considering getting the flu vaccination, don’t put it off. If you are eligible, get it now because you need it. It’s free! 

Healthwatch Sheffield

Help Healthwatch Sheffield with feedback around maternity care in Sheffield. This is a paid opportunity!


If you would like to be involved, please email, call 0114 2536688 or text 07415249657.

Sickle Cell

The Ethnic Minority Research Inclusion Yorkshire & Humber Group have developed a video to help inform and educate others on sickle cell.

Hospital Advocacy

When you get to the point when you feel no one is listening or taking you seriously, you know it’s time to get someone to shout with you.


Making use of good representation as provided by SAC­MHA may mean your issue gets resolved much faster, saving you time and wasted energy.


We will not only advocate on your behalf, but will help you to develop the confidence and skills to manage situations that may arise in the future.


Our advocate works on your behalf to promote and support your interests. These may include your health and social care needs or legal issues. We can also help you to review your support plan.


Please contact SACMHA to arrange a free initial meeting where we can discuss your individual requirements.

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