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Helping With Your Health

At SACMHA we understand that all aspects of your health are important.  We provide a number of services and work with other service providers to help support those within the community.

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A Message From Our Service Director

David Bussue marks the first anniversary of the UK entering National Lockdown.


It has been a difficult and incredibly challenging year, and the support of family, friends and community has been key to the efforts of many.


We stand in solidarity with communities who have been disproportionately and devastatingly affected by this virus – elderly people, disabled people, black people and people of colour, migrant people and people living in economically disadvantaged areas… the list goes on. 


Today and beyond, we thank each other for our contributions to the health and wellbeing of our communities; and take time to grieve the people we have lost, and the lives we remember.

There is power in stories and storytelling is an important part of healing. That’s why we want to hear from you. We at SACMHA invite you to share your stories with us. Whether they’re about your experiences having the virus, how the pandemic has impacted you and your loved ones and the people in your communities, or how you’ve found lockdown, we want to hear from you.


Email us at or interact with us on Facebook or Twitter to share your story.

Community Spotlight

Hear from members of the African and Caribbean community in Sheffield as they share their experiences having the Covid-19 Vaccine.


If you have an experience you want to share, email us at or find us on Twitter @SACMHA1

David Bussue

David Bussue, Service Director at SACMHA Health & Social Care, and also Associate Pastor the Church of God Prophecy, Sheffield after having his vaccine.


“I didn’t feel anything and I’ve had absolutely no side effects. Please have your vaccine, it’s safe, it offers protection and it will save lives.”

Cecelia Jackson-Chambers

Cecelia Jackson-Chambers, Chairperson, Project Leader and dedicated long-time supporter of SACMHA Health & Social Care, talks about her reasons for accepting the vaccine.


“I’m a prayer and a believer in the Lord Jesus… if we’re praying for the solution, and God looks as if He’s given us the solution, I’m going to take the solution.”

Olivier Tsemo

Olivier Tsemo, CEO at SADACCA, talks about his initial reluctance to take the vaccine and what changed his mind.


“It took me nearly 4 months to analyse the data to see for myself the result was amazing. It changed people’s lives.”

Dr Lisa Philip

Dr Lisa Philip, GP Partner and SACMHA Trustee, told us about her COVID symptoms and her experiences living with Long Covid.


“Even though I wasn’t hospitalised, I was very unwell at home and I was like this for 12 months or so.”

Christine Madden

Christine Madden, Senior Pastor at COGOP and Senior Nurse, shares her reasons for getting both doses of the vaccine.


“I needed to take the vaccine because I did not want to put my family, my colleagues, the community… at risk.”

Fay Colphon

Mrs Colphon, a Trustee at SACMHA, shares her experience having the vaccine.


“In January, I had my first Covid-19 Vaccine without any side effects. I’m encouraging the over 80s to have the vaccine because it will save lives.”

Sis Solomon

Sis tells us how she’s feeling after her vaccine.


“I’ve had my vaccine three weeks ago. I’m feeling fine, just a little sniffle. Not much side effect – I’m good.”

A SACMHA Supporter

One of SACMHA’s best friends and a great supporter receiving her vaccine. Content warning: needles.


“Oh, is that it? Covid vaccine done, folks!”

An image of Iyabo, a Black woman, getting her covid vaccine in her home from an NHS professional


Iyabo, part of the SACMHA family, having her vaccine jab.


“I was so pleased to have my vaccine, and really impressed that the NHS team came to my home to administer it.”

Shaun Clarke

An excellent friend and supporter of SACMHA having his vaccine.


“I realise the importance of doing this, not just for my family and I, but for the wider community too. I’m happy to support the SACMHA information campaign and would encourage other people who may be hesitating to read the information on the SACMHA website and then have the vaccine when you’re invited.”

Chris Phillip

A great supporter of SACMHA having his vaccine.

“My wife had Covid-19 and has Long Covid-19. I just wanted to do my bit and help us get out of this situation.”

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