Why Wait?

A webinar panel hosted by Dr Delroy Hall with panellists speaking on vaccine hesitancy in Black communities and how this can be effectively managed.

This conversation explores reasons behind COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy especially pertaining to supporting people to acquire the information they need to make informed decisions about taking the vaccine.

Dr Michell Chresfield

Lecturer in African American History at the University of Birmingham (U.K), specialising in Twentieth Century U.S. history, gender and sexuality. 

In this clip titled ‘Waiting for the Data’, Dr Michell Chresfield talks about grappling with history and data as people within the black community make decisions on whether or to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

Marion Johnson

A Senior Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing at the University of Birmingham, specialising in rehabilitation, home treatment and early intervention services.

In this clip entitled ‘Waiting with Mixed Feelings’, Marion Johnson talks about how to manage ones mental health while waiting to make a decision on taking the COVID-19 vaccine.

Reverend Les Fearon

A Licensed Minister for the New Testament Church of God in Birmingham, with expertise in the pharmaceutical and finance industries.

In this clip entitled ‘Waiting and Undecided’, Reverend Les Fearon talks about four key view points that explain what vaccine hesitancy is and what it is not.

Dr Ludmilla Wikkeling-Scott

A Lecturer in Public Health and member of the American Public Health Association, specialising in health literacy, maternal and child child health.

In this clip, ‘Waiting with Underlying Conditions’,  Dr Ludmilla Wikkeling-Scott talks about why people with socio- economic challenges might be waiting before they make a decision on taking the the COVID-19 vaccine.

Session 1

  • No vaccine and health mindfulness 
  • Personal health care

Session 2

  • Vaccine hesitancy in black communities
  • Health vs Health Care
  • Vaccine hesitancy and the government 

Session 3

  • Faith and the COVID-19 vaccine
  • Health and the vaccine
  • Taking the booster
  • Antibody tests

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