Individual Budget Management


Making money stretch to cover all the things you need to pay for can be demanding, and, at times, difficult.


We are experienced in helping people manage their budgets and to make a little go a long way.


If you require help managing your Personal Budget, SACMHA can help


We can offer:

  • A free initial meeting with you, your Care Coordinator and a staff member from SACMHA.
  • An agreement between all parties as to how your budget will be managed.
  • A system of holding your budget, paying your bills and providing you with a monthly statement.
  • One hour per month telephone support about your budget.

We may be able to offer further support around budget management, for example helping you to plan ahead with your money.



The service is provided anywhere you are living or staying including hospital.


Date & Time

Hours are flexible and negotiable.


£360 per year.



Please contact SACMHA to arrange a free initial meeting where we can discuss your individual requirements.


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