Service users have the right to advise the local authority that they wish to carry out their own assessment for self directed support.


This can be done with the support of a family member or any other independent person.


SACMHA is happy to discuss this further with service users and their families.


This is not a chargeable service.


Equality and diversity


SACMHA believes that service users should have the same rights regardless of their religion, beliefs, race, gender, sexual orientation, disability or age. This does not mean that the same service is provided for everyone but that services should be appropriate for each individual.


SACMHA will:

  • Raise the awareness of service users and their representatives so that they can access health and social care services.
  • Work with staff on barriers, which exist in relation to service delivery including training on equality and diversity.
  • Work as part of multi-agency team to promote equality in the area of health and social care.




SACMHA has a duty to maintain the confidentiality of service users. This is taken seriously and is a key part of building trust, caring and professional relationships. It is essential that service users can use our services in the knowledge that their confidences will be kept.


Information in our possession about service users will be kept confidential and only shared with other professionals who need to know. We will seek consent from service users prior to sharing information unless there is a serious risk to the safety of the service user or the public.


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